Song Of The Deep, metroidvania Adventure lanceert On PS4, Xbox One, PC

Insomniac Games’ metrdoidvania adventure game, Song of the Deep, is officieel gelanceerd op de Xbox One, PS4 and for Windows on PC. The game sees players on a journey in a sub to find their missing father while completing puzzles, overcoming danger and taking a deep dive into the mysteries of the ocean.

Various outlets have reported on the game launching, but none more prominent than Major Nelson en de PlayStation Blog. Both offer up some basic details on the gameplay and the core mechanics that will drive the side-scrolling adventure.

If this particular outing from Insomniac Games (who seem to be pumping out a ton of titles recently, especially in the VR space) completely escapes your memory and you have no recollection of ever seeing it before, no worries because there’s a trailer that you can check out below.

I’m not familiar with GameTrust but if they have plans on publishing more mid-budget games, I’m on board with that.

The game itself reminds me a lot of Beatbuddy and the underwater segments from Metal Slug 3.

The story sees a young girl building a rickety little submarine to search for her missing father, a twist on the damsel in distress trope by putting a dude in distress. You can see what the first half hour of the game looks like with a walkthrough video below from YouTuber DanQ8000. It has an Ecco The Dolphin vibe gaande.

Some of the puzzles in the game are kind of interesting, mixing timing with the reflexes and some twitch skills. The metroidvania qualities are definitely present. You can acquire different weapons and mechanical upgrades throughout the adventure. It really does remind me a lot of Beatbuddy. The narration throughout the game also hearkens a bit of Ubisoft’s Child of Light.

U kunt kiezen uit een digitale kopie van Song of the Deep for PC, PS4 or Xbox One for $14.99 from the respective digital distributors.

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