Ruin Of The Reckless Kickstarter Preps Voor lancering van augustus 18th

Ruïne van de Reckless has been compared often to Nuclear Throne en een beetje Hyper Light Drifter. We managed to conduct an interview with the developer from Faux-Operative Games to give gamers an idea of what the title was aiming to be and what the developers hoped to achieve with the game. Well, now that Ruïne van de Reckless has successfully been Greenlit the next step is to get it Kickstarted.

Over on the official website, Faux-Operative Games announced that Ruïne van de Reckless would be heading onto Kickstarter starting August 18th.

In addition to putting a date on the Kickstarter campaign, there’s also a ton of new info released about the Kickstarter, such as limited edition signed prints containing art from Maki Naro. One of Naro’s images is the header image for this article, just to give you an idea of what’s what.

There are plans for a limited edition Skullslime plushie, early access builds for backers, as well as access to the original soundtrack. However, not much could be discussed regarding the soundtrack because the final details are still being worked out.

Another thing that’s pointed out is that if you pledge within the first three days of the Kickstarter, you’ll be able to get your hands on the title at a highly discounted rate compared to if you attempted to purchase a copy through a pledge after the campaign is in full swing.

If you don’t remember what the rogue-like RPG looks like or never saw it to begin with, you can check out the trailer below to get an idea of how Ruïne van de Reckless is gespeeld.

For further information about what’s planned for the Kickstarter you can check out the official Ruin of the Reckless website.

And as mentioned several times throughout the article, you can look for the Kickstarter to go live late next week on August 18th.

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