The Game Bakers zal brengen Furi Om Xbox One On december 2nd

Furi kwam uit voor PC en PS4 during the mid part of this year and pleased quite a bit of people who played the game. Well, it seems that it pleased enough people to get the developers, The Game Bakers, to make an Xbox One version and it’s due out on December 2nd.

The fast and brutal game, better known as Furi, will hit Xbox One near the end of this year and will introduce everything that the game featured on the other platforms, and more. The devs just announced this information regarding the hack and slash, boss rush game on their main site, dat leest ...

“We are very happy to bring Furi to Xbox One, especially this version that has been really polished and features a complete new bossfight. This fight requires players to master all the skills acquired during the game. It’s a real test of focus.”

The Xbox One version of Furi will test players’ skills with a never before seen boss that will supposedly push players to the limit, and will call for extra skills during the fight.

I’m not sure how the new fight will be, but I’m sure we’ll put up a guide for those who want to beat the boss and seek to get an S rank on that particular level. All that is known about the extra boss fight are these pictures.

furi-game-9 furi-game-10

For those who are new to Furi is and seek to get a brief look at the game the older trailer is up for you to view, which is also up on the new post over on The Game Bakers site.

Furi is out now for PC and PS4. The Xbox One will get the game on December 2nd next month, while pre-orders are set to go live on November 21st.

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