Geheugen: Puzzle Adventure Game gaat om Steam Greenlight

Developer Sick Kreations has posted their puzzle adventure game to Steam Greenlight, that features a robot stranded in the desert attempting to regain its memories.

After a severe accident on a space station that orbits Earth, The robot you play escapes and crash lands on Earth in an escape pod. Based on what I pieced together from the trailer, it appears that this is the cause for why the robot is damaged and why it has lost its memory.

You will explore the area to find a way to restore your memories so that you can understand your main directive, why you were created, and the purpose of your original mission. After you recover your Geheugen, you will finally find the answers you seek to accomplish your main objective, and more importantly, find out what happened to all the humans. Based on The below trailer, it seems that there might be a deeper story than I originally expected since the video features a house and a little girl running through the yard.

The above trailer makes me wonder if perhaps the robot we play was once human, or perhaps worked or lived at that house once upon a time? The graphics are beautiful, but that is no surprise since Geheugen is running on the Unreal 4 Engine. However, a few of the animations do look a little stiff in a few parts, so I’m hoping they fix that up a bit more before the official release. The developers have also released a second trailer that shows more gameplay and additional environments for you to explore.

The puzzles look pretty diverse, ranging from flipping switches to turn the power back on so that you can access specific areas, to hacking different computer terminals. They also say that there will be moments where you will have to manipulate time and space in certain areas, so I’m really interested to see how that works out. It appears majority of the game will take place in first person so that you will see the events out of the robot’s eyes.

The developers say that when your powercell runs out of energy and you shut down, those moments will serve to progress the main plot and story forward, and will also occasionally unlock new areas for you to explore. Take a look at the second gameplay trailer that I linked below to see how some of the puzzles work.

Geheugen is scheduled for an early 2017 release date, so if you are interested in supporting the game you can head on over to the Steam Greenlight pagina om uw stem uit te brengen.

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