Street Fighter 5’s Sexy Bombshell Mika Mod Is Not Safe For Work
Street Fighter 5 Bombshell Mika

A new bombshell Rainbow Mika mod for Street Fighter V has been released to the public. It puts the buxom, bodaciously bodied wrestler in little more than dental floss coverings, giving gamers an ample look at all her assets.

Modder BrutalAce dropped the Bombshell R. Mika mod onto the public and made it available for download on his Patreon pagina.

According to BrutalAce, this was a highly requested mod, so he’s just delivering the goods…

“Here is another Patron requested mod for RMika, we decided to call it Bombshell for obvious reasons. Don’t complain if it cause nose bleeding 😀 I said before that I will be giving at least one microkini swimwear to each girl in SFV so this particular request advanced that goal also.”

Also, BrutalAce uses his own custom physics to ensure that Mika moves and sways in all the right places in all the right ways. So if you have other physics mods installed you’ll need to remove them otherwise conflicts will take place.

You can see what the mod looks like in action in Street Fighter V met de video hieronder van BlitzMightyN7.

The slingshot bikini mod for R. Mika comes with ccustomizable colors, along with a wet sheen on her body along with reworked skin textures to give R. Mika a more realistic skin tone. You can also choose whether R. Mika looks wet or normal in the package, and the wet skin look will vary depending on the conditions of the stage, as you can see in the images below.

Street Fighter 5 - R. Mika Bombshell

Street Fighter 5 - Bombshell R Mika

Street Fighter 5 - Bombshell Mika Critical Art

You’ll have to click through the last image to see the uncensored version of R. Mika performing her Critical Arts. And yes, the butt slap is still in, but while she does the release German suplex you get a vol view just between the barely there g-string.

Anyway, the mod is available right now and replaces R. Mika’s first costume. I’m sure Capcom is kicking themselves right now knowing how much money they’re losing to all these wonderful, wonderful Street Fighter V mods.

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