Greenlight Game Ruïne Van De Reckless Nu kunnen worden afgespeeld op stoom en GOG

Ruin o fthe Reckless, the game that was once on Steam Greenlight by publisher and developer Faux-Operative Games, is now playable on Steam — and it’s not in Early Access. Ruïne van de Reckless explores breakneck-paced, melee-focused action and is currently available for PC via Steam en GOG.

Ruïne van de Reckless was featured on this site before during its Groen licht phase and was received very well. Recently, the indie game officially came out of its early stages of development and is now featured on the storefronts of both Steam and GOG. The official description explaining the concept of Ruïne van de Reckless vindt u hieronder.

“Ruin of the Reckless is a breakneck-paced, melee-focused roguelike brawler with very light persistent progression elements and a punishing difficulty curve. Play with a friend!”

The 2D action-adventure game explores a very familiar scene commonly featured in indie game roguelikes, and combines a melee/magic system that encourages players to move around when facing off against hordes of enemies.

As of now, the few reviews seem to conflict and say that the combat is fast-paced while others are saying that it’s quite slow in nature. However, you can be the judge as to how the game functions gameplay wise — although you can only watch the video and not actually play the video — by checking out the trailer below.

Ik weet niet zeker of Ruins of the Reckless holds the same magic as Heart Machine’s Hyper Light Drifter, but if so, the devs definitely have a sleeper hit on hands. but if you are still leery about the game or seek additional information explaining what else can be found in Ruin of the Reckless, you can hit up

As of right now and up until May 3rd the game sports a 15% off deal, which drops its initial price point of $14.99 to $12.99 over on Stoom en GOG.

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