De Punisher voor Netflix krijgt de eerste volledige trailer
The Punisher

A minute long trailer was released for the upcoming Netflix series based on Marvel’s The Punisher. Thankfully this doesn’t look like some kind of watered down, politically correct, Social Justice Warrior nonsense that’s been invading many television shows and movies lately.

The minute long trailer is ominous, through and through. A cool, death procession track plays in the background, as Jon Bernthal’s Frank Castle informs the wrongdoers, the criminals, the murderers, and the scumbags, that the devil is coming to collect. You can check out the trailer below, courtesy of FilmTrailerZone.

That has got to be one of the most badass teaser trailers I’ve seen in a long time. I love the way that Bernthal’s Punisher seems so focused and driven. This Punisher depiction seems to be really close to the way he was portrayed in the Max rendition by Garth Ennis.

There’s such a hard-edged tone to the way the trailer is cut together, which could make for some really good storytelling.

A lot of people have been disappointed lately with the Marvel offerings on Netflix, following Daredevil: Seizoen 2. The writing and characterizations just haven’t been up to par. But it looks like they could get back on track with The Punisher. If they can find that balance between the three different Punisher films: the action from Warzone, the world building from the 1989 version, and the character depth from the 2004 version, then it might turn out okay.

A lot of fans can’t wait to see how this new take on the character turns out, especially after having such a strong presence in the Waaghals show. Hopefully they don’t bog the show down in the kind of nonsense and bad writing that dragged down Iron Fist en Luke Cage. I guess we’ll find out exactly where on the measuring stick of quality the show falls when it finally goes live this fall.

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