Fantasie-aanval nu beschikbaar om via Patreon te spelen

Sirlin Games will release its upcoming fighting game known as Fantasy Strike sometime this month for PC via Steam, with a PS4 version to come later. To give fans a taste of the PC version of Fantasy Strike early, a now live and playable version is up through its Patreon.

Fantasy Strike is playable for those on PC through its Patreon for those who happen to be patrons of said fighting game. The news comes directly from Fantasy Strike's main website that states the following:

“A new build of Fantasy Strike is available to our patrons on Patreon. We have an update to this build, now v10925, (was originally v10890). See the UPDATE section at the end of this post for details.”

The stream of content flowing through this update is so much that it would take a very long time to list every new change, fix and update mentioned. However, a brief look tells us that a new stage named Rook’s Morningstar Sanctuary will be present, a lot of bugs with online play have now been squashed, along with the added likes of visual polishing to characters and stages.

The update also brings balances and buffs to characters that would otherwise be a bit weak when it comes to actual statistical fighting, which should be straighten out, hopefully, through update V10825. We also learn that optimization is a key priority through the patch notes listed, which it should be given that bad FPS drops is no fun — same goes for capped FPS — meaning that the game should run smoothly on low and high-end PCs.

To unlock the playable build of Fantasy Strike as a Patron, you must dish out $9.99 to get a preemptive look at what the game has to offer. Keep in mind that it’s still in an early form.

You can find out that more regarding Fantasy Strike over fantasystrike.comde new update post or

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