Omega Quintet, JRPG Idol Sim komt op stoom
Omega Quintet

Idol Factory and Ghostlight’s idol-themed JRPG, Omega Quintet, has made the leap from the PS4 naar PC recently. The brightly-colored role-playing game follows a pop star on a journey to form an idol group while also saving the world.

The game combines a mixture of genres into one, offering visual novel fans a character-driven story about the five idols who must join together to form the Verse Maidens, not only as a J-Pop singing group that takes the world by storm but also as a five-member singing quintet that battles against the forces of evil known as the Blare.

With a story so hokey one can only go into Omega Quintet with an open mind and a pure heart. Well, obviously that’s not true… you can have the blackest of black hearts going into the game and a mind centered on nothing but the oppai and pantsu and still enjoy the heck out of the game.

Omega Quintet - Torn Outfit

Beyond the story unfolding in typical visual novel fashion, the actual gameplay itself centers around running around town, fighting monsters and getting stronger.

While there’s a formulaic approach to the combat and progression system, not unlike many other JRPGs out there, Omega Quintet aimed to do things slightly different by mixing in diol-style, J-Pop mechanics to mix up the gameplay by using a harmonics system to sing and dance your way to victory by chaining together combos and using top-notch choreography to overcome the odds. You can even create your own music videos by mixing and matching music and dance routines and share it with your friends.

Je kunt de trailer hieronder bekijken om een ​​idee te krijgen van wat Omega Quintet’s gameplay is zoals.

In addition to all of that, Ghostlight decided to also release a smattering of free DLC along with the launch of the PC version of the game, including three Verse Maiden Beginner Packs that contain EP, coins and special items, and four Verse Maiden War maps to explore, along with a MAD Encyclopedia.

U kunt kiezen uit een digitale kopie van Omega Quintet nu voor $ 29.99 van over op de Steam Store along with a variety of outfit bundle packs and DLC. During the first week of being on sale the game is discounted by 40% off, so you can actually get it for only $17.99.

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