Crossout-update voegt Firestarter-factie toe met alle nieuwe wapens, auto-onderdelen en -onderdelen
Crossout Firestarters

Targem Games’ post-apocalyptic, PvP, cornucopia of car-carnage has been updated with all new weapons, new car parts, new items, new decorations and an all new religious faction that worships fire called the Firestarters.

The group uses their shamans to profess the good word of fire to both enemy and friend alike. They rely on using incendiary bombs, flamethrowers and an all new weapon in the form of a harpoon gun. You can use the harpoon to slingshot yourself toward an opponent by clinging onto them and either pulling yourself closer to them or pulling them closer to you. Once you get up close and personal, you can unleash a barrage of metal-gilded pain onto them like flinging the rectal wind of death in the face of your most bitter rival after eating a fiery bowl of chili con carne.


For those of you who built your vehicles around close quarters combat, the harpoon gun is an indispensable weapon given that you can pull in your foes close and saw them, split, or drill them harder than performers on a Brazzer set.

A new spiked wheel called the “Shiv” is also available, along with the new “Bat” cabin and the “Junkbow” shotgun.

Voor degenen onder u die niet weten, Doorstrepen is een Mad Max-inspired car combat sim for PC, PS4 en Xbox One. It offers gamers an opportunity to build their very own post-apocalyptic junker and then team up with some friends and race through environments while blasting people down into bits and shards of metal pieces.

Update 0.9.0 is out right now for the action-oriented MMO. You can experience the free content update for home consoles and PC.

If you’ve been itching for a game like Mad Max but wanted something themed around multiplayer gameplay, you can check out Doorstrepen right now. For further info on the game you can pay a visit to the officiële website.

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