Extinctie, Giant-Slaying Action Game Releasedatum ingesteld voor april 10th, 2018
Extinctie Releasedatum

Uitdoving is enerzijds Shadow of the Colossus, een deel Aanval op titanen en enerzijds Koninkrijken van Amalur, but it’s all parts badass. You play a lone hero out to rid the world of an invading force known as the Ravenii, giant orcs who are wreaking havoc, and you’ll be able to do so starting April 10th, 2018 later this year during the spring.

Uitdoving is te wijten uit voor Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Sorry, no Nintendo Switch release this time around. The standard version of the game will be available for $59.99, the standard AAA release price, and it will be joined by a $69.99 deluxe edition that comes with the “Days of Dolorum” season pass. You’ll be able to purchase the season pass separately for $19.99.

If you need a short refresher course on Uitdoving, you can check out the trailer below.

De gameplay lijkt heel veel op Aanval op Titan, insofar that you have to grapple up to the giant orcs in order to do damage to them and take them down. However, the game has an RPG, rock, paper, scissors style damage system where different types of armor that the orcs are wearing require different kinds of attacks, otherwise your attempts will be impervious against their defenses.

The mix and match of the gameplay types and tactical strategies involved elevates Uitdoving beyond being just another hack-and-slash RPG, or sword and shield action game.

Of course, the real hook and appeal for a game like this will be determined entirely by the seamlessness of the gameplay and how well the controls work. As cool as the concept is to be able to grapple onto flying creatures and strike down massive ogres who are crushing townsfolk and destroying buildings, there’s still a matter of player-control that will determine whether or not the game is actually fun to play.

I suppose we’ll find out just how fun Uitdoving is when it releases on April 10th later this year for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. You can learn more about the game by hitting up the officiële website.

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