Furi lanceert januari 11th voor Nintendo Switch
Furi Nintendo Switch Release

At the very end of November The Game Bakers announced that Furi zou lanceren op de Nintendo Switch in early 2018. We weren’t sure exactly when in 2018 the game was coming but the developers recently announced that Furi will be available for the Switch starting January 11th next week.

The game will launch via the Nintendo eShop for $19.99.

The eShop version will come with the full base game and will also include the “One More Fight” DLC that arrived after the initial game’s release. The DLC includes a speedrun mode via the Furier difficulty, along with all the other post-launch balance patches and fixes that were applied to the game.

You can see what the Switch version looks like running in real-time with the trailer below, which also features some of the game’s undeniably awesome music.

Furi is one of those rare gems where the game was made to be a game. It wasn’t pushing sociopolitical propaganda. It wasn’t an indoctrination scheme by the Left or a recruiting tool by the Right. It wasn’t trying to force-feed anyone agitprop and it wasn’t about talking down to its audience with subliminal Marxist messaging. Instead, Furi was a classic, all-out, knock-out, brawl-out, drag-out, hack-and-slash action game that put the “fun” back in “fundamentally badass”.

This wasn’t one of those games where you could sleepwalk through a “cinematic” experience that relied on quick-time events or corridors. You had to bring your ‘A’ game if you wanted to beat this game, and The Game Bakers proved that there’s still a place in this industry for mid-budget badassery.

Furi - An Angel

I still listen to the soundtrack for the game regularly, and it never stops being awesome.

Furi doet me denken aan Afro Samurai voldoet El Shaddai: Hemelvaart van de Metatron with some grunge synthwave slapped on it. It’s not surprising given that it was inspired by No More Heroes en Godhand and had its characters designed by Takashi Okazaki from Afro Samurai roem.

You can look to pick up a digital copy starting January 11th next week. For more info don’t hesitate to visit the game’s officiële website.

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