Creepy Road is niet Creepy en Flint Trucker is Mad

Of Flint Trucker himself not much is known.

They say he’s read The Alchemist, enjoys sardines and is privy to the latest in mindfulness practices, yet just the way he lugs around a shotgun with an extraordinarily wide-toothy grin doesn’t quite sit right. And really is having your truck totaled by a grizzly reason enough for a run n’ gun?

To Groovy Milk at least it is, and so it has put together Griezelige weg which in very two-dimensional fashion, takes Trucker on a quest to weed out the evil that delayed his date with Angelina.

This road is one that will take him through, oh I don’t know – circus fairs, sprawling farms, bustling cities, crashed airplanes even – where the unlikely foes he’ll encounter are certainly not creepy. They’re absurd!

Honestly when’s the last time you’ve had a pig come at you with a pork chop? Or a cow with a Gatling gun strapped to its udder? Not even a party-hat wielding bear on a unicycle? Griezelige weg’s 30 odd enemies are meant to be memorable, unique in disposition and capable of some frankly bizarre boss battles.

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Gepost door Griezelige weg on Zaterdag februari 4, 2017

That’s not the only aspect with regards to which Groovy Milk uses gedenkwaardig as an adjective without restraint though; it prides itself in its hand-drawn locations, each with equally memorable an atmosphere and music theme, that Trucker will supposedly devastate with a memorable assortment of kooky weapons.

The more user-friendly AK’s, revolvers and miniguns are inclusive.

Griezelige weg is supposedly a proposition as old as 2015, when the title first cropped up on Kickstarter to offer Co-operative/multiplayer modes, additional playable characters, locations, vehicles even, as Stretch Goals.

#CreepyRoad #IndieGames #Videogames #screenshot #GroovyMilkHi guys!Here are some new screenshots from the stage «Town».

Gepost door Griezelige weg on Woensdag, januari 25, 2017

The campaign may have not succeeded but two years later, Trucker’s found his way to Stoom while the Groovy Milk ensembles seems to be up to no good with dev-kits à la Xbox One en Nintendo.

Which is a shame really; those Premium/Ultimate Pack rewards of dioramas, art books and an arcade machine were rather scintillating, no?

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