Het bloedbad in Hong Kong heeft tot doel gestileerde topdown-actie naar pc te brengen

In late 2017 we reported that indie publisher and developer Vreski would release Het bloedbad in Hong Kong on PS4. Well, if you want to feel like John Woo and take gun and style front and center on PC, do know that the devs will bring the game sometime soon to Steam (not Early Access).

Volgens The Hong Kong Massacre’s official description, the upcoming game takes cues from older Chinese action movies such as John Woo’s Hard gekookt film. If you have no idea what the 1992 film has to offer and what the game tries to channel from said movie, you can check out a nice scene right here:

Imagine putting down baddies in that manner except it’s done from a top-down perspective. If you can picture that, then you have an idea of what Het bloedbad in Hong Kong is about. The game is topped off with slow-mo sliding, full-on blood, and stylized action.

Sounds like a game you can get behind? The title that will have you assuming the role of a revenge-filled gun-taunting character can be seen below thanks to YouTuber Nokzen:

“Blast your way through the streets of Hong Kong in a fast-paced, top-down shooter. Inspired by classic action movies, The Hong Kong Massacre places you at the center of a hard-boiled revenge story, filled with brutal, cinematic shootouts and vivid underworld locations.”

I’m sure folks who aren’t fond of the PS4 and Sony or those who don’t own said platform will be pleased to know that a PC version is in the works. The bad news is that no release date has been announced yet.

Anyway, if you are looking to dodge bullets and do all that other fancy stuff while gunning down those who get in your way, you can look for this game to debut sometime either late this year or early 2019 — if I had to give an educated guess.

In the meantime, you can hit up Het bloedbad in Hong Kong's officiële website or Steam pagina voor meer informatie.

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